The Best Way to Increase Your Car’s HorsePower

Lets make it easier so the laymen might have better picture.
Human Anatomy.
How to make your physical stronger, healthier, tougher?

Exercise, by doing regular excersizing, you will improve your blood flows, improve your breathing, and improve your digestions,without needing lots of food supplement, you need less energy for your cardio reactions
(correct running in process towards the engine, less carbon residue stuck to the fuel system, injectors, piston, and with the right air fuel ratio, better digestions, fuel economy).

By doing more cardio, i.e running and swimming, you will enhance your lungs capacity, thus giving you better breathing,with cleaner air intake towards your lungs = the healthier the lungs, the stronger breathing intake you have, the better hemoglobin your blood system (cold air intake, enhance intake capacity, high air flow capacity, improve combustion whenever the clean,fresh & large amount of air mixed with fuel, thus giving you perfect combustion cycle).

You all may think the logics from here, feel free to add more examples like the above.

Human Anatomy and engine power, basically the same concept and idea but in much differ forms, the basic concepts = air coming in, the transfer of energy, air/unwanted gases coming out; like farts and shits.

What is Turbocharge car and how does it perform?
Turbocharge basically like Heavy weight boxers i.e Mike Tyson or Football player like Maradonna, powerful, strong, can knockdown a bull with a single blow, solid hard to beat, but impractical, fast but within certain limitation and not that reliable.

What is NA cars what about its performance?
Its something like lighweight boxers or ping pong players, fast, efficient, reliable, durable, longer stamina, but their speed depends how light they are

What is NA car that can beat a Turbocharge how does the performance?
Very simple, like Bruce Lee, strong, hard to knock down,got everything whatever the NA and Turbocharge got, tactical, wwooooowachaaa wacha wacha(noisy mouth), hard to beat, unlogical, unbeatable, some might call lansi or crazy, produce result, maybe not famous but not many people like him, thats why BruceLee died.

NA that can beat a Turbocharge= a super lighweight car using modified Superbike engine, 0-100 less than 4sec, quartermile might touch below 9sec with the speed of more than 220kmh.

a Kit Car…

Just to add…

source:WPC forum


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