Spotted Callsign of 9W2KVS

It was quite sometimes I’m not post the entries regarding the callsign spotted. Actually, when I was spotted of any callsign on the jalopy, I will automatically took out my camera and try to snap on the callsign. But sometime, I forgot to bring the camera and definitely I will miss out that moments. But I would tried to memorize the callsign as possible I can.

Callsign 9W2KVS

Spotted Callsign…9W2KVS

This callsign, 9W2KVS is actually has been spotted on 30/11/2013 at Taman Mounth Austin, JB. The callsign is also known as Apparatus Assignment (AA) in Amateur Radio. For this 9W2KVS, the pronounsation should be as Nine Whiskey Two Kilo Victor Sierra in Amateur Radio conversation. This callsign is belong to unknown person due to no data was found when I checked in the SKMM website. It probably the license has been expired and it would be considered that this callsign is available to anyone who wish to register their AA with this callsign.

To check the information of callsign in Malaysia, below link is very useful:

>> Check Callsign



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