Picnic at Batu Layar – 27th Oct’08

We had departure from Taman Daya about 11.30 am. We arrived at Batu Layar beach around 1.00 pm.
Good weather…then we has a good chance to play around at the beach side. Before that, lunch first….hu hu hu…makan nasi goreng & mi goreng…
After finished our lunch, we’re thinking nak mandi laut nih….unfortunately…suddenly heard sound of thunder from the sky. It was the warning that we need to leave from the beach immediately. A few minutes later it was heavy rain there…Tak dapat nak mandi laut ari tu…Kesian Danial…tak per lain kali kita pergi lagi…
(peoples in the photos are Nodin (my brother in law),Yah,Danial,Adik & Kakak and my wife).


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