Differences Between Spoiler and GT Wing

Evolution VIII Spoiler

 I don’t know what are differences between spoilers and GT Wing.There are various kind of spoilers in the market.
From my understanding and reading somewhere related to Formula 1 race,wind tunnel theory where the testing was done on normal production car.

 GT Wing Spoiler

There is turbulence on top of your rear bonet after you have  reached 130 km/h..When you use GT Wing or Mitsubishi Evolution type of spoiler, it would reduced the turbulence (but must use correct aerodynamic spoilers calculation based) and give more down force pressure on the rear side.It wouldn’t increase your horsepower,but increase your handling on cornering.

Nowadays,many peoples have installed the spoilers or GT Wings onto their cars just more for fun and for nice looks.
My ride also has changed a few types of spoilers.As I said,just for fun.Never consider for any down force calculation.

Lastly,I have uninstall the spoiler and now my ride was without any spoiler on the rear hood.


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