Convoy Rules


The following is the general rule for convoy. This list will be updated from time to time should there’s new requirement need to be added, removed or altered. So always refer to this one for the latest:

Prior the Departure
1. Ensure you get enough rest and fit to drive
2. Ensure you’re wearing proper shoes, not sandal or slippers
3. Ensure the car is fit for the journey legally, which is having the valid insurance and roadtax
4. Ensure the car is fit for the journey technically, means that engine lubricant level is sufficient, brake is working, signal lamp, brake, headlight n reverse light in working condition and etc.
5. Have a light meal before convoy
6. Have drinking water ready in your vehicle
7. Arrived at the meeting or rendevous (RV) location early for final checkup/inspection
8. Attend convoy briefing session
9. Tune your communication equipment to the adviced channel

During Convoy
1. Always buckle up. Wear your seatbelts including rear passenger even it’s not a law.
2. Lining up according to car numbers assigned before starting the journey
3. Keep acceptable distance from the car ahead but still keeping the pace and convoy intact, just enough for you to react should an emergency happened.
4. Should there’s emergency and/or you need to make a stop of breakin up with convoy, let zero or your team leader know. You’ll be escorted out. Don’t simply go out of convoy.
5. When changing lane, always start from the last car and move one by one from behind as per adviced by marshal. Don’t jumping que unless told to do so.
6. Whenever there’s boogie car try to overtake or interfering with convoy, give way and let them be. Marshal with deal with them if needed.
7. During emergency brake, the car with ODD convoy number should steer to the left and the one with EVEN convoy number should steer to the right. REMEMBER your number.
8. Should the convoy splitted due to traffic light or any other else, marshal will guide u back to the convoy.
9. Although it’s permitted, but kindly minimalise chat on the walkie as it’s only a one way communication. sometimes marshal need to relay important information regarding traffic condition and emergencies.

1. When the convoy stops, please remain yourself in the vehicle unless being told otherwise, until allowed to disembark. This to ensure your own safety.
2. Attend any debriefing session if any.
3. Check your vehicle condition and report to marshal should there’s any problem incurred.


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