MY dot com proudly presented the luzilicious, the Proton Waja car which is belong to Luzirahs (President of Waja Performance Club).


Engine model : 4G18P 1.6 Automatic
Manufacturing year : 2004
Colour : StarSilver a.k.a Gold

Engine modification :

Arospeed Adjustable CamPulley

Air intake System :

K&N high-flow drop-in air filter

Radiator System :

NASA coolant

Exhaust System :
S-flow type exhaust muffler
4-2-1 extractor, unknown brand (inherited from Champion of WPC 2nd Dyno Shoot-Out)
De-cat with stainless steel 2.0 inch piping

Engine Oil :

Shell HX7 Semi-Syn 10W-40

Preferred Fuel : used to be Shell V-Power 97, now using Shell FuelSave 95

Auto Transmission Fluid :

Pennzoil Multi-Vehicle 100% Synthetic ATF

Brake System :

Front = 2-pot brake calipers (from Mitsubishi FTO) with

TRW brand Mitsubishi EVO 3 OEM replacement brake discs and

Rapid Stop 550 deg C rated brake pads

Rear = Proton OEM brake disks with slotted (DIYed) Bendix Metal King Gold Pads

Brake Fluid :

Bosch DOT5.1 Super


Wheels : Autowheels Fashion (15″ x 6.5″ with 38mm offset, 15 spokes matt black with red lips)

Tyres :
Front: 195/55/R15 Falken Ziex ZE912 [TW: 320, TMP: A, TR: AA]
Rear: 195/55/R15 Falken Ziex ZE912 [TW: 320, TMP: A, TR: AA]
Air Pressure: 210kPa on front, 190kPa on rear
Dampers = Sapura Pro-Ride (short-stroke damper)
Springs = APM Performax

Handling Geometries :
Front = -0.158deg
Rear = -0.625deg
Front = 0mm
Rear = 0mm

Bodykits :
Front Skirt = Lancer (PU material)
Side Skirt = Waja MME replica (PU)
Rear Skirt = Waja MME replica (PU)
Others = Vortex Generator (ABS)

Best 0-100km/hr ET : 11.46s using GTech Pro performance meter

Achieved Topspeed : somewhere around 190km/hr

Dyno results :

Pmax = 91ps,TQmax = 114.5Nm (dynoed on 15/09/2007)

Fuel Consumption: 603.9km/48.4211L = 12.4718km/L or 8.0181/100km (as on 19/10/2011)

Fuel Cost per km: RM92.00/603.9km = RM0.1523/km or 15.23cents/km (as on 19/10/2011 and
RM1.90/L of fuel price)

Future Project : ride and handling improvisation(s)…

Concept & ideology :
To make a track car looks-a-like…that’s why he opted for 15″ matte black rims
To make a basic and simple makeover…and with her lowered stance, giving a humble from outside, licious inside the powerplant.

The owner would like to thanks to (in order of appearance):
WPC Members
Full Throttle Developments
You Auto Service Center, Sg. Besi
Ahza Motorsports
RACE Performance & Technical Center
Maddriver’s Garage


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