Tips for Auto Transmission’s Car Owners

When you want to park your car:
1. Press brake pedal and stop. Right foot still press on brake pedal.
2. Push gear selector to ‘N’
3. Pull handbrake about 3 to 4 click sound
4. Push gear selector to ‘P’
5. Release foot brake
6. Switch-off your car’s engine.
Why did not direct push the gear selector from ‘D’ to ‘P’? 
The reason is to prolong life span of your gearbox. To make sure notch in your gearbox is properly locked in ‘P’ position.
But there’s one problem if auto transmission car using ‘P’ park at slope…upwards or downwards slope.
It’ll be a bit hard to disengage the mechanical lock from ‘P’ position into ‘R’.
That’s why it’s good to practice the above tips. The step will let the car move a bit according to the slope (but not that much!)…so that the ‘P’ mechanical locking notch will sit in its position firmly and easy to disengage back when release from ‘P’ to ‘R’.
Another tip to share: 
If your car facing down slope…have to engage reverse gear.
If your car facing up slope…have to engage 1st gear.
To prevent the car creeping to the facing slope. (Engage opposite direction of the slope)


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3 thoughts on “Tips for Auto Transmission’s Car Owners

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  2. Hazel Owens

    I’ve driven an automatic my whole life, and I’d never heard to put your car in neutral before putting it in park. I didn’t know that doing so could actually extend the life of your gearbox. I’ll have to try that out with my car from now on; I hope it helps. Thanks for the information.


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